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Hey Unicorn!

Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your career in the health and human services industries? I'm Dr. Jaime, dedicated to guiding professionals like you toward career growth while preventing burnout. With a focus on stress management and career development, I strive to boost your productivity and well-being, ensuring success without compromising your health.

Navigating the challenges of work and personal life can be tough, especially in demanding fields. I empower you to enhance performance, confidence, and purpose while achieving a personalized work-life balance tailored to your needs. Every individual's journey is unique, and together, we will create a personalized roadmap to achieve your professional goals.

If you're ready to embrace your inner unicorn and shine brightly in your career, let's kickstart this transformation with a complimentary discovery call.

--Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza


Unapologetically Confident:
A 5-Week Program for Empowering Communication

Program Starts: March 31

Unleash your inner confidence with our "Unapologetically Confident" program. This 5-week transformative experience is designed to empower you by enhancing your communication skills, fostering self-assurance, promoting authentic self-expression, and learning boundary setting in a supportive and growth-focused environment.


Course Format:

  • 5-week program from March 31 to May 4, 2024

  • Engage in interactive weekly 1-2 hour online modules

  • Access to private group chat to network and learn with peers

  • 90-Minute Group Virtual Coaching Sessions will be held via Zoom on:

    • Dates: April 4, April 11, April 18, April 25, and May 2, 2024

    • Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM PST


Number of Hours:

Participants will invest roughly 20 hours in themselves throughout the program, culminating in a certificate of completion to celebrate their growth. 


Who Should Enroll?

This program is tailored for individuals seeking to boost their confidence, enhance their communication skills, and embrace their unique voice. Whether you're in early childhood education, social services, mental health, or simply eager to grow personally and professionally, this program is for you.


Investment in Yourself:

Price: $325.00


Don't miss this opportunity to transform the way you communicate and interact with the world around you. Join us on this empowering journey towards unapologetic confidence!

If you are looking for someone who can really make a difference in your life, please go here! Dr. Jaime is more than just sitting in a chair and listening to bothering advise, he is just very passionate about helping others! He will sincerely care for you, he will help you create specific, measurable and achievable goals that work best for you and your projects; besides, he will make laugh and help you see that there is always hope for the future. I have been working with Dr. Raygoza for more than three years and he is one of the most inspiring, genuine and knowledgeable human being I ever met. Dr. Jaime is truly amazing. I highly recommend him.

Gloria Reyes

If you are seeking a life coach who genuinely cares about your growth and is dedicated to your success, I wholeheartedly recommend Raygoza Consulting. Dr. Jaime encompasses the true essence of a mentor that cares about communicating the complex ideas into clear approaches that are fun and engaging. The guidance I have received has been instrumental in my personal and professional development, and I am forever grateful for their unwavering support.

Sarah Aguilar

Great coach is someone who would always be growing and working on betterment of himself and that's Jaime. I have been working with Jaime since eight weeks not only he is helpful but has so many skills up his sleeve to help you with your growth. He has helped me to deal with my professional life and helped me to look at bigger picture and deal with troubles on the way to my path. Thanks a lot Jaime for all the progress I got from you

Anjla Anjla

I like that Jaime consults with you to get to know you and what you're seeking for. I really liked his method and he also gave me good advice and input!

Blanca Gonzalez

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