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Hey there, Unicorn!

Welcome to the Raygoza Consulting family, where we believe in unicorns, work-life harmony, and living life to the fullest! I'm Dr. Jaime Gabriel Raygoza, founder of Raygoza Consulting, spreading positive vibes since May 2022! Drawing on my background in psychology and sociology, I bring a unique perspective to work-life balance coaching. Having worked in diverse sectors, including mental health and social work, I understand the intricacies of finding harmony in today's fast-paced world.

At Raygoza Consulting, we bring the laughter with energizing laughter yoga sessions, foster collaboration in our online work groups, and provide top-notch group and individual work-life balance coaching.

Let's embark on this epic adventure together and make your career and life sparkle with joy and fulfillment.

See you soon!

                                                                                                              --Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

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What others have said about Raygoza Consulting:

Blanca Gonzalez

I like that Jaime consults with you to get to know you and what you're seeking for. I really liked his method and he also gave me good advice and input!
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