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FTUIY Episode #74: Terry Tucker

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

In a compelling new Finding the Unicorn in You podcast interview, Terry Tucker shares his journey of resilience in the face of illness and how he helps others live their best lives. Despite battling cancer, Terry exudes positivity and encourages purposeful living. His story offers inspiration to transform challenges into growth.

Pivoting Between Passions

With careers spanning business, law enforcement, education, and writing, Terry followed his changing passions. Though his father wished differently, Terry became a police officer as he felt it was his calling. He highlights the importance of living your purpose versus others’ expectations.

Finding Strength Amidst Illness

For 11 years, Terry has undergone treatments for a rare cancer. He’s faced amputations and tumors with courage. Terry emphasizes we are not our illnesses. He focuses on enriching his mind, heart, and soul versus bodily limitations.

The Power of Purpose

Terry urges people to share their gifts to make the world better. Small acts of service shift our focus from inward to outward. He also poignantly describes how we’re born full, rather than empty, with unique talents to pour out.

Living Boldly and Positively

Despite dark days, Terry chooses to stay positive and practice gratitude. He encourages living boldly according to your purpose. Terry arranges his own funeral to celebrate a life fully lived without regret. He wants to leave a legacy.

Unicorn Lesson

The key takeaway is that unicorns transform pain into purpose. Let hardships strengthen rather than defeat you. Make the world better through generosity of spirit.


Terry Tucker embodies the resilient unicorn spirit. Though cancer steals physical faculties, it can’t diminish his mind and heart. Terry uplifts others through his story of finding light despite darkness. Listen and be inspired!

What did you learn about mindset and purpose from Terry?

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